About Us

This is a family-oriented group. On any ride, we are guaranteed to see our kids and our grandkids, they are the future. From the oldest to the youngest and newest members. Eagle H.O.G. knows about group rides and realizes that one of the main objectives is to have fun! Under the worst weather conditions, we always ask each other “are we having fun or what?” I also think Eagle H.O.G. has never met a diner or restaurant it did not like. Last, but not least, I think the most important thing about Eagle H.O.G. is the respect that is shown amongst members and toward all the people they come in contact with during their rides and events.

Eagle H.O.G. was founded in April 1991 with 6 members. Presently, there are over 125 active members. Eagle H.O.G. rides and meetings are open to anyone, member or non-member (except for annual picnic and Christmas party). Anyone is welcome on any of the rides regardless of what you ride; however you must own a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and be a current National H.O.G® member to become an Eagle H.O.G. member.

Eagle H.O.G. averages 20-25 rides a year, plus other activities. Our main fundraiser supports the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Eagle H.O.G. also rides for POW-MIA awareness and participates in a Thanksgiving food run and a Christmas toy run. Hope to see you on the road! Ride Safe! God Bless America!


Eagle H.O.G. has four important rules:


Be Family Oriented ~ Respect One Another ~ Ride Safe ~ Have Fun