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Winter Storage Tips

Clean your bike. Make note of needed repairs. Add fuel stabilizer and run for a few minutes to give it time to distribute. Store with a full tank of gas. Change oil and filter. Put on a battery tender or take out battery. Make sure tires are properly inflated. Move the bike periodically so tires […]

Group Lane Changing and Passing

Use your mirrors consistently, but never rely on them. Glance over your shoulder to confirm what you think your mirror shows you. After making your lane change, always resume the same position you occupy in the group. The same rule applies when you are passing. When passing a vehicle on a two lane, two-way road, […]

Maneuvering Through Curves

Maneuvering through Curves Follow the line with your eyes Make sure that when you enter a corner, that your eyes already have followed the line that you want to follow through the corner. Be ready Make sure that you are ready before the corner. Make sure that you have braked or slowed down, that you […]