This is the story of Henrietta Olivia Grease (pronounce GrE-sea) and Clutch. 

Henrietta is French and was traveling across Europe last year when she met Joe and Donna White.  She heard from them tales of the charming Deuce Pigalow. After they parted ways, she still couldn’t get the thoughts of Deuce out of her head. She only knew Deuce was in America and that’s a pretty large area. 

She managed to find people who were going to America and stowed away in their bags. She was hoping to land in New York, but due to some airline re-routing and lost baggage she ended up in a small town airport in Maine.  Lost and alone, she began to wonder what she was doing. She didn’t know where Deuce was in this vast country. She didn’t speak the language (except for the language of HOG), she had no money, no transportation, nothing except the clothes on her back and the love in her heart for a pig she’d never met!

At that point, enter Clutch – a bad ass biker dog, with a heart of gold (as all HOG members have). He found Henrietta weeping in the corner of the Central Maine Harley dealer, sad and lonely. He knew what he had to do! Managing a few words and phrases (and hand signals) Clutch figured out what her mission was and offered to travel the countryside with her looking for Deuce. 

And so their adventure begins……………..