Road Captain’s Guide

Road Captains Guide


Pre-Ride Observations:


  • Verify pre-planned directions are accurate.


  • Determine best lane to use by considering:
    • Road conditions
    • Upcoming turns or hwy exits
    • Upcoming lane beginning/endings


  • Determine single or staggered formation


  • Consider alternate route for return trip.


  • Look for:
    • Road signs that verify your route
    • Locations for gas/comfort stops
    • Dining locations (get phone #)
    • Places of interest
    • Highly dense traffic intersections
    • HOV lanes that allow motorcycles


  • Observe parking locations by:
    • Determine best group
    • Locate most advantageous parking
    • Determine head-in verses back-in park
    • Determine if bikes need close interval


Pre-Ride Briefing Checklist:


  • Introduce Officers & Road Captains.
  • Recognize new members and guests.
  • Describe the route (verbal and/or written).
  • Proper stagger and following distance.
  • If car invades group, yield, close gap asap.
  • When staggered, how to fill in gaps.
  • How a group passes on a multi-lane hwy.
  • Use hand signals, pass all the way back.
  • Accelerate smoothly, maintain steady speed.
  • Group will observe speed limits.
  • Riders are responsible for their own safety and safety of others in the group.
  • Last bike in line, wait at turn to ensure last group makes turn and stays together.
  • “Buddy up” new riders.
  • All Non Chapter Member Participants must sign Release Form.